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Can't think of much to say about myself honestly. I love video games, anime and drawing. Some of my art is NSFW so be warned. That's pretty much it, for now at least. take care.

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End of 2018

Posted by ChaosChrome - December 31st, 2018

Another year has come and gone. . . or at least, it will be gone in a few hours. These last couple of days i've been thinking a lot about the art I've created over this year.
I've got a Patreon, Don't worry, i'm not trying to promote it lol. The reason i bring it up is beacuse. . . well, while i thought it would be cool to make a little money
Doing something i enjoy, i never really saw myself earning enough to make a living off it. The main reason i decided to make a Patreon is so i would have something that
would push me to draw constantly. That's been going well. I've been drawing at least 3 things a month, which is an improvement or me. I wanna be able to draw more though.
Thinking about it, there are a few problems i have.

1) I'm easily distracted. Because of this and my work schedule, it can take me days to finish a sketch

2) When starting an art piece, i always have a hard time thinking of poses to draw

3) I worry about every little detail. I'm always erasing a re drawing things i think look off a little

These are the things i feel are really limiting what i can do. Because of these, it always takes me a nearly a month to finish the three Patreon drawings. I haven't been able
do much else because of it. There are a few other things i wanna try. I wanna learn how to Animate, how to 3d model, how to 3d animate too now that i think about it,
i wanna try making short comics, and of course improve my art and speed overall.

So, the plan is to overcome all these weaknesses so i can produce more types of art. I wouldn't call this a new years resolution however, since I've already started trying
to get over these bad habits. Here's hoping this new year is a productive one for me.

I guess all there's left to say is. . . .HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all have an amazing one!